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CooklyBookly was founded by people who are truly passionate about two things: food and technology. We’re set to radically transform the digital food landscape. 

Social media has revolutionized the culinary space but it still falls a long way short of supporting creators with everything they need to promote and monetize their own personal vision. We’ve built a platform that allows chefs and food influencers to do just that. 

We offer the very best in culinary publishing: recipes, techniques, digital cookbooks, blogs and more. We provide four means of monetising: subscriptions, merch, brand partnerships and food-related advertising. And we have built-in tools to help creators make beautiful, premium content: live streaming, video chat, and exclusive chat rooms. We do this all under one roof, without the need to cobble together complex solutions that are expensive and time-consuming to build and maintain.

CooklyBookly is a place where creators from different backgrounds and countries can showcase and be financially rewarded for their talents. Ultimately, our goal is to democratize the culinary world by providing a digital ecosystem that let’s both professional and amateur chefs shine. We want to improve people’s culinary skills and appreciation of food across the globe.

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