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Help Docs

Help Docs


Using CooklyBookly

An introduction to using CooklyBookly.

Why create a free account?

Creating a free CooklyBookly account lets you access features that you can't otherwise access.

User Guide

Live Streaming

Live streaming on CooklyBookly is easy! Learn to set up your events in a few easy steps.


Creating your Stripe Connect account CooklyBookly has partnered with Stripe to enable you to create paid subscriptions. To do this, you must first create a Stripe Connect account.  Click your avatar in the top right corner and select Edit Profile. Scroll down to Subscriptions and click Configure. You will be redirected to Stripe Connect.  Enter […]


Learn how to access and understand your insights

Personalised themes for your content

Learn how to request a customised CooklyBookly theme.

Food photography guides

Learn how to take stunning images of your food with professional food photographer Jemma Watts.


The Gallery is where you upload and store your photo and video media. Learn how to upload, edit and organise your media files.

Uploading a video

Learn how to easily upload videos on CooklyBookly.

Embedding a YouTube video

Learn how to embed a YouTube video and insert it in a piece of CooklyBookly content.

Creating a collection

Collections are digital cookbooks. Learn how to easily create and upload collections on CooklyBookly.

Creating a technique

Learn how to easily create and upload a technique on CooklyBookly.

Creating a blog post

Learn how to create and upload blog posts on CooklyBookly.

The Editor

The editor is very easy to use but there are certain things you should understand in order for you and your readers to get the most out of CooklyBookly.

Editing your profile

Learn how to set up and edit your profile page.

Creating a recipe

Learn how to easily create and upload recipes on CooklyBookly.

Posting Strategies

Tips for maximising traffic from Instagram

Instagram strategies for maximizing CooklyBookly traffic and earnings.

Tips for maximizing traffic from TikTok

TikTok strategies for maximizing CooklyBookly traffic and earning.

Tips for maximising traffic from Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and Twitter strategies for maximizing CooklyBookly traffic and earnings.


Standard remuneration

How we pay you for your page views.

Monetisation streams

Learn more about the monetisation streams available on CooklyBookly.