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Cookbook Publishing Guide

We’ve partnered with HP to enable you to publish your very own cookbook(s)! Here’s how it works:

  • Step 1: Enter your content into CooklyBookly. You can add recipes, techniques and/or blog posts. 
  • Step 2: Organise your content into a CooklyBookly collection. The collection is the digital version of your book. 
  • Step 3: Grant HP access to your collection for printing.
  • Step 4: Customise your book. HP will help you select your book template and customise your cover, colours and fonts. They will also build your buying page. 
  • Step 5: Your book is ready to launch! Each order is printed locally and dispatched on demand.

Each of these steps is outlined in greater detail below.

1: Enter your content 

Upload your content into CooklyBookly. You can add recipes, techniques and/or blog posts. To learn how to do this, click here

QR codes 

You can include QR codes within your printed cookbook. A QR code is a barcode that quickly lets you open a web page. All you need to do is scan the QR code with your smartphone camera. Once scanned, a pop-up notification will appear, which, when clicked, will open the page in your phone’s browser. 

To add a QR code to a piece of CooklyBookly content, follow these steps:

  • Select a piece of CooklyBookly content and click Edit.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the Edit screen and check the Display QR code on the printed content checkbox. 
  • To point the QR code to the content in its digital form, click Paste this content’s URL.
  • To point the QR code to a web page, enter the URL. 
  • Be sure to fill out the QR code description box. This tells the reader what happens when they scan the QR code, e.g. ‘Scan this code for the recipe video’.
Cookbook Publishing Guide

Print quality images

Printing requires high resolution images. They must be at least 1700 px x 1700 px and no larger than 20 MB. 

Existing content

  • Please note that all images uploaded into CooklyBookly before September 2021 will have been automatically downsized. For cookbooks, you will need to add print-quality images.
  • In this case, you will see the following warning message and should upload a high resolution image.
Cookbook Publishing Guide
  • To do this, select the image from your device or drag and drop it from your computer. The platform will not compress it. 
  • As long as the image meets the resolution criteria outlined above, it will be suitable for printing. You do not need to delete the old version.

New content 

  • From September 2021, newly uploaded images will not be compressed by the platform so you can upload high resolution images. 

2: Organise your content into a collection 

Your cookbook content needs to be organized into a Collection, which is our version of a digital cookbook. To learn how to create a collection, click here


  • You can add as many chapters as you want. 
  • You can reorder chapters and/or pieces of content using the reorder icon (circled in the screenshot below).
Cookbook Publishing Guide
  • A reminder that in addition to recipes, you can add blog posts and techniques to your collection. Blog posts are great for introductory pages. 


  • You can keep your collection private until the launch of your book by checking the Make this collection private checkbox in the Other settings section of the collection edit page (see screenshot below).
Cookbook Publishing Guide

3: Authorization 

To prepare your collection for publication, you will need to give HP permission to access this collection. You first need to read and agree to the Terms and Conditions

Cookbook Publishing Guide

To activate the Authorize button:

  • Your book must contain a minimum of 40 pieces of content.
  • Each piece of content must have at least one high resolution image.

Upon authorization, you will receive an email confirmation. You will then be contacted by HP, who discuss layout and style with you.

Updating your collection

You can update your collection at any time. If you want your print cookbook to reflect these changes, notify HP by clicking the SHARE UPDATE button.

4: Customisation and pricing 

  • HP will work with you to customize your cookbook. To view their selection of templates, click here.
  • HP will also build and customise the e-commerce website for your book.
  • Please note that books are currently only available in one size: 210 mm x 210 mm. HP will be adding more in the future. 
  • The price of a book depends on its size and finish. For our book calculator, click here
  • Finally, please note that books are currently only available for shipping in the UK and US

5: Samples  

Once your cookbook design is finalized, HP will send you PDF proofs and a hard-copy sample of your book for approval prior to going live. 

6: Launching your cookbook

  • Your cookbook is now live – congratulations! Shipping costs £3.50 and takes anywhere between 3 to 5 business days.  
  • We will send you a report by the 7th of month outlining the previous month’s sales and activity. Payment will be made by the 15th.