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Live Streaming

There are many ways to live stream your culinary events. You could try Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or even Twitch. However, we provide you with an ultra convenient solution directly within the CooklyBookly platform itself. There’s nothing to install for you or your viewers.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is not just a great way to communicate and engage with people, it’s also a great way to attract paying subscribers. You can tie live stream events to certain subscription plans and organise Q&A sessions, cooking demonstrations or anything other creative way of appealing to your audience.

As well as being able to broadcast video, there is also a chat window. This lets your audience ask you questions during the session. You can then respond using the chat window or directly on camera.

Creating an Event

In order to live stream, you first need to create an Event. This lets you schedule the date and time of the live stream and notify your followers.

Live Streaming
  • Click on your user avatar in the top right corner, and then select Events from the dropdown menu.
  • Click on the Schedule Event button.
  • At the top, give your event a title.
  • Make sure that the event type is set to LIVESTREAM.
  • Check the date and time that the event is scheduled to start.
  • Set the expected duration of the event.
  • You can optionally add a thumbnail image that appears in the main Event Center listing.
  • Specify whether the event is available for all followers or only subscribers of one or more plans.
  • Press SAVE.
Live Streaming

Notifying your audience

When you save your event, you have the option of notifying your audience. This will send your audience an email and, if they are using the CooklyBookly app, a push notification.

If you want to remind your audience closer to the event itself, you can revisit the Event screen by pressing the green button and selecting Edit. You can then press the Notify button.

Live Streaming

Starting the broadcast

Once you are ready to start your live stream, click on the tile in the Event Center. This will bring up the following screen.
When you’re ready to start the stream, press the Start button.

Live Streaming

Viewing the broadcast

Your audience can view your live stream in the same way. They should go to their Event Center and click on the tile for your event. This will usually be the first tile in the top Upcoming Events section.