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Monetisation streams

CooklyBookly is a platform dedicated to empowering chefs and culinary influencers. We offer four monetisation options: Subscriptions, Merch, Brand Partnerships and Pro Ads

We put you firmly in control of all aspects of monetisation. You control prices and you control which monetisation options you choose.

CooklyBookly manages all of the eCommerce aspects for you. We collect payments on your behalf and we pay you twice a month.


A subscription is a fee that you charge on a recurring basis. You can choose any combination of monthly, quarterly and annual memberships. You have the ability to create multiple subscriptions and set the price for each one.

To support subscriptions, CooklyBookly has in-built live streaming, private chat and chat group capabilities. 

Here are some example subscriptions that you might create.

Exclusive recipe content£3£10£40
Exclusive recipe content and weekly cookalongs£5£15£50
Exclusive recipe content and masterclass access£7£20£70

Options you could include in your membership packages:

  • Live Q&A sessions
  • Live cookalongs 
  • Private chat groups 
  • Pre-recorded video masterclasses  
  • Early access to merch
  • Discount codes

We charge a 20% processing fee.

Brand partnerships (coming soon)

This feature simplifies and automates the paid partnership process. Brands pay you to appear in your My Recommendations listing. 

CooklyBookly automates the entire process for you and the brand, removing the need for lengthy negotiations and email exchanges. 

  • We allow a brand to approach you through the CooklyBookly platform.
  • You and the brand specify the duration of the campaign.
  • You can choose between Fixed Price, Per Impression and Per Click-through charging models.
  • The platform allows you to negotiate and set the price in each case. 
  • We take the Brand’s credit card details once the Brand Partnership contract is agreed by both parties.
  • You decide when to start the Brand Partnership and it will automatically terminate.
  • We collect that payment from the Brand and pay you automatically.

Pro Ads (coming soon)

Ads are served against free content. We offer two types of advertising: Pro Ads and Ads

Pro Ads

We provide all the tools that allow you and an Advertiser to automatically establish an advertising contract

This has several advantages to you and the Advertiser.

  • You control which advertisers appear in your content. 
  • The Advertiser gets a better experience than using an ad network because they can be sure of perfect contextual relevance for their ads.
  • As a result of this specificity, you are able to earn substantially more than with our Platform Advertising or third-party ad networks.

CooklyBookly allows the following to be managed and agreed between you and the Advertiser through the platform.

  • Similar to Recommendations, you can choose between a) fixed price b) CPM and c) CPC models.
  • You can set the price and the duration of the campaign.
  • You and the advertiser can agree on daily and campaign budget caps.
  • You can specify what type of ads can be shown.
  • The advertiser can upload their ad creatives.
  • We take the Brand’s credit card details once the advertising contract is agreed by both parties.
  • You decide when to start the advertising campaign. It will automatically terminate at the right time.
  • We collect payment from the Brand and pay you automatically.

As in Recommendations, the entire process is automated. We charge a 30% handling fee.


Platform advertisers are managed by CooklyBookly. We partner with advertisers in the food and beverage industry only. Ads are very sympathetic to the look and feel of author content and offer better experience than ad networks.

We pay you 50% of the revenue we generate from advertisers.

Merch (coming soon)

CooklyBookly enables you to configure an online shop where your merchandise can be displayed. We manage all of the eCommerce and charge a 20% handling fee.

We offer two different types of merch.

  • Merch 1 – we send you a notification when an order is processed and you then manage the fulfillment of the order yourself.
  • Merch 2 – your merchandise is housed at a supported fulfillment center. When an order is received, we process the payment and then notify the fulfillment center electronically.

Maximising Revenue 

There are strategies you can employ to maximise your revenues. Achieving this means employing the best balance of all four monetisation streams. You will have your own goals and priorities but there are different aspects to consider.


A key consideration is what content you choose to make available for free and what content you put into a paid membership.

If you put all of your content into a paid plan, your followers will always be confronted with your paywall whenever they access your content. While this may be what you want, the consequence can be that over time, many of your followers may stop clicking on your CooklyBookly links, knowing that they will not be able to see content without paying.

Most Recent post is free

With this strategy you offer your most recent post for free to everyone. However, after a period of time that you can choose, the content is automatically moved into a paid membership. This is in addition to any additional free content you might like to share with your followers.

There are several advantages to this.

  • All followers are getting value for their click through and are therefore most likely to continue clicking through to your CooklyBookly content in the long term.
  • You are able to display Recommendations and Advertising to the widest audience.
  • You are able to promote your membership to the widest number of people.

Free and paid mix

An alternative approach is to offer a combination of free and paid content. 

  • When you post on social media, it is up to you whether the content you point to is free or paid.
  • When a follower arrives at your CooklyBookly content, if the content is membership-only, then they will see the content image and title but other information will not be shown. 
  • A message will be displayed pointing the visitor to a) your free content and b) your membership plans
  • You are still able to show recommendations and advertising to anyone who is visiting and does not have a membership.