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Paid content

You can now make content available for one-time purchase!

Creating your Stripe Connect account

CooklyBookly has partnered with Stripe to make content available for one-time purchase. To do this, you must first create a Stripe Connect account. 

  • Click your avatar in the top right corner and select Edit Profile.
  • Scroll down to Subscriptions and click Configure. You will be redirected to Stripe Connect. 
Paid content
  • Enter your email and begin the setup process.
Paid content
  • Enter your business address. If your page is not registered as a business, use your home address.
Paid content
  • Enter your personal details. 
Paid content
  • Enter your page/business details. It does not matter if your page is not registered as a business. Simply select the appropropriate industry (food, most likely), enter your business website ( or your personal website) and add a short description (e.g. professional chef and content creator).
Paid content
  • Enter your bank details. This is where your payouts will be sent to. 
Paid content
  • Confirm customer statement information. This is what will appear on your subscribers bank statements. 
Paid content
  • Review your details and create your Stripe Connect account. 
Paid content
  • Once you have created your account, you will be redirected back to the Edit Profile screen to create your subscription plans.

Creating paid content

Once you have set up your Stripe Connect account, you can start making content available for one-time purchase. 

To make a piece of content available for one time purchase:

  • Select a piece of content and click Edit
  • Scroll down to the monetization section. Under VISIBILITY SETTINGS, select paid
  • Enable one-off purchases and enter your price and currency. Click Save
Paid content


  • CooklyBookly charges a 20% commission across monetization streams, including paid content. 
  • In addition, Stripe charges 30 cents + 2.9% for every transaction. 
  • If you need to charge Sales Tax or VAT,  you will need to configure your Stripe account with the necessary tax information. The user will then be charged VAT above the basic price.