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Personalised themes for your content

Our recipes are very powerful. And they look beautiful. In fact they can look the way you want them to. Below are some examples of the exact same recipe but shown using different themes.

Personalised themes for your content
Personalised themes for your content
Personalised themes for your content

Requesting a customised theme

In addition to our standard themes, we have a collection of 10 themes, which can be customised to reflect your style and brand. You can customise the following: 

  • Colors
  • Fonts

Step 1: select your theme

Personalised themes for your content

Click here to view the collection. You can use the Index button and/or the arrows at the top to navigate the collection.

Step 2: choose your color(s)

Use this helpful color picker tool to select your color(s). Some themes only require one color, others more. Be sure to make a note of the HEX codes of your colors.

Step 3: pick your fonts 

CooklyBookly supports Google and Adobe fonts. 

If you are happy the fonts you see in your selected theme, we will use those. If you would like a font change, please specify the fonts you like. 

If you see a font in another theme that you like, please specify the theme and we will use those.

Step 4: submit your theme brief

Kindly email your theme brief to at in the following format:

  • Theme name 
  • Your chose HEX color codes
  • Your chosen fonts (if different from the theme you’ve chosen)


  • CB BeeBox
  • #420010, #ebebeb
  • Poppins, Montserrat (if different from the theme you’ve chosen)

Important notes:

  • 90% of CooklyBookly traffic comes from mobile devices so kindly check themes on both your phone and laptop/tablet. 
  • Please ensure that you are happy with your theme. Because we are constantly building themes for our creators, theme briefs cannot be amended once they have been submitted. 

Requesting a bespoke theme

For selected authors, we can design and create bespoke themes to perfectly match your brand guidelines. Your content won’t look like anyone else’s.

You can request a bespoke theme by contacting us through our chat window or emailing Just let us know you are looking for a bespoke theme and we’ll get in touch.