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Recommendations is a brand new feature that allows CooklyBookly creators to collaborate directly with brands, negotiate terms and get paid on time. All handled by the CooklyBookly platform.


Recommendations, an elegant popup on profile and content pages, offers a superior experience for the brand as well as the influencer. Rather than a simple promoted post or swipe up, creators post the organic content their followers want to see on social media. Followers click on the link in bio to CooklyBookly and are then shown any recommendations you are running.

The creator and the brand can agree on a duration of days or weeks where the recommendation should be shown. This means the brand gets attention over the agreed period of time rather than one time only.

How it works

The Recommendations feature simplifies and automates the paid partnership process. Brands pay you to appear in your My Recommendations listing. 


CooklyBookly automates the entire process for you and the brand, removing the need for lengthy negotiations and email exchanges. 

  • We allow a brand to approach you through the CooklyBookly platform.
  • You and the brand specify the duration of the campaign.
  • You can choose between Fixed Price, Per Impression and Per Click-through charging models.
  • The platform allows you to negotiate and set the price in each case. 
  • We take the Brand’s credit card details once the Recommendation contract is agreed by both parties.
  • You decide when to start the Recommendation and it will automatically terminate.
  • We collect that payment from the Brand and pay you automatically.