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Cookbook Terms and Conditions

Publishing your cookbook with CooklyBookly and HP Custom Content

Content ownership 

The Author retains 100% ownership of their content. Neither CooklyBookly (“CB”) nor HP Custom Content (“HP”) or its partners have any rights, power or authority with respect to an Author’s content.  

An Author is therefore required to sign a Content License Agreement (“License Agreement”) with CooklyBookly, HP, and its partners license to reproduce the Author’s content in printed form.

By signing this License Agreement, the Author is agreeing to let CooklyBookly, HP, and its partners use their content and warrants that they have the right and authority to grant CooklyBookly, HP, and its partners the right to use their content to develop, market, sell and distribute books.

Author’s warranties and indemnities

The Author warrants that they are the sole author of the work; that they are the sole owner of the book’s contents, and that they have full power to enter into this agreement.

If the Author incorporates copyrighted material in their work, they shall procure, at their expense, written permission to reprint it.

Book design and samples 

The Author will select from a set of design templates for the book cover and inner content. This will be helpful to guide the Author on putting the content together and considering the book’s design and layout.

Once the Author has entered the book’s contents into CooklyBookly and selected and customised their design template, HP will provide PDF proofs and hard-copy samples of the book for approval prior to going live. 

On publication, CooklyBookly, HP, and its partners shall give the Author a minimum of five (5) free copies of the book for marketing purposes.

Payments and reports

CooklyBookly shall pay to the Author a twenty two per cent (22 per cent) royalty on every copy sold.

CooklyBookly shall send the Author a report by the 7th of month outlining the previous month’s sales and activity. Payment will be made by the 15th.